Winter Rye – Fertilizing

Epifini Landscaping Inc.I can’t explain how important it is to fertilize your Winter Rye. You can water it every day like the book says but until you but the correct amount of fertilizer on, your rye won’t look as healthy as you want it to. Winter rye requires a monthly feeding of a fertilizer (21-7-14 Turf Royale). Don’t be afraid to put some of this fertilizer on your plants and trees. I recommend using a fertilizer that has iron in it, like the Turf Royale. A product like ‘ironite’ will have the best results. Be careful with using a product that has iron in it because it can stain your concrete.

Don’t forget to forget to apply your Pre Emergent in your granite areas to prevent the cool season weeds!

Josh Pruett

Maintenance Account Manager


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